Enthusiast Program Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Enthusiast points?

Earn 100 Enthusiast points just for signing up! Once enrolled in the Enthusiast Rewards Program, you will earn 1 point for every $1 spent. For every 200 points, you will receive $10 in rewards.

Do I get any additional perks?

In addition to earning points for every dollar spent, you will receive additional points during your birth month, get access to exclusives products and offers and have additional opportunities to earn additional points in various ways such as surveys, reviews, etc. throughout the year.

How do I earn a birthday reward?

When enrolling in the program, you must provide your birth date to be eligible for a Free Birthday Gift of $10 (200 points).

When can I redeem rewards?

Points can be redeemed for rewards once you achieve 200 points. Rewards cannot be combined with other offers and are non-transferrable.

Can I use rewards on any items?

Rewards can be used on any items available on apparel.mastercraft.com. Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.

Will previous purchases be applied to my Enthusiast point total?

Enthusiast points are earned upon signing up for the program. Any orders prior to signing up are not valid and will not generate points to your account.

Are my rewards applied towards shipping and taxes?

No, your rewards can only be used on products offered on our website, therefore rewards can only be applied to the sub total of your order.

Do my Enthusiast points expire?

No! You earned your points and you can choose when you want to use them.

What is the difference between Enthusiast Points and Enthusiast Rewards?

Enthusiast points are earned on every purchase and once you accumulate 200 points, a reward of $10 is added to your Enthusiast account. Additional points can be earned alternatively and for every 200 points accumulated, you will receive a $10 reward.

When will my Enthusiast points be updated in my account?

Your points will appear in your account immediately (may need to refresh page) and if your point total exceeds 200, you will be able to redeem immediately.

What if I return an item?

If points are earned on an item/order, any points applied from that purchase would be deducted from your point total and may result in negative points.

How do I enroll in the Enthusiast program?

Enrolling in the Enthusiast program is easy and you will immediately start earning as soon as you create an account. If you already have an account you're already enrolled. Create an Account to get started.

Who can participate in the Enthusiast program?

This program is for all current and future customers of MasterCraft Apparel. While we recognize Dealers and Employees are definitely MasterCraft Enthusiasts, this program was designed to specifically take care of our loyal MasterCraft customers.

Are there any exceptions on earning points or redeeming rewards?

No, points are earned on all item and can be redeemed on all items available on apparel.mastercraft.com, however, Fabritech does reserve the right to make exceptions at any time.